Remember why you bought a boat.

There are moments in life that can only happen while boating. Boat Fix assures that you won’t miss them.

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How Boat Fix keeps you boating.

Is your boat keeping its promise? Boat Fix combines IOT technology with a staff of 24/7 Boat Fix Advisors to ensure that it is. Boat Fix gives you hassle free boating. We monitor and take care of your boat around the clock, whether you are aboard or ashore.

The Boat Fix Service

What’s included:

  • Free app to control and monitor the device
  • 24/7 device monitoring, alerts and support
  • Free 24/7 customer care
  • Optional 24/7 technical support
  • Free, unlimited calls to Boat Fix Advisors
  • Security via Geo fence alarms
  • Optional outboard motor theft alarm
  • GPS tracking - live and recorded
  • 2 year warranty & 24/7 support on the telematics device
  • All device cell data charges
  • Free storage of all recorded data
Service Boat

The technology part

The Boat Fix IoT telematics device continually monitors the vital functions of your boat. If there is a problem, an alert is immediately sent to a Boat Fix advisor - and your phone's app.

Check in anytime on the Boat Fix app to remotely monitor everything is OK - batteries, bilges, shore power,   engine hours and exact boat location. Boat Fix is on watch 24/7/365

Strobe / Siren for Anti-theft Alarms

Geofence Anti-theft

GPS Tracking

Engine Hour Monitoring

Battery Monitoring

Bilge Pump Monitoring

Outboard Engine(s) Anti-theft

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The human part

Once you’re connected to a Boat Fix Service Plan, our advisors will handle any problem that may occur 24/7/365. That’s right. If you have a problem on Sunday morning at 6 am, we are on it. We have over 28 years experience of providing boat owners with round-the-clock technical and customer support. It’s like having your very own “boat guy” on speed dial, only they‘re usually aware of a problem first. And knowing all about boats isn’t enough. It’s also about understanding what real service is. Our technicians will always be courteous, knowledgeable and on hand to solve the problem. 

The Boat Fix Advisors’ advantage:

  • Operate 24/7/365
  • Receive all alerts from your boat in real time.
  • Will contact you by text, email or phone.
  • Service before you even know you need it.
  • Predictive maintenance stops small problems becoming expensive nightmares.
  • Your boat’s problem diagnosed and exact   position known from our IOT device.
  • Immediate response by trained technicians to   all boating problems.
  • There is no limit on the number of calls and there is no charge for the assistance provided
  • All calls are answered immediately, in English, with no music, no wait time or automated sub menus.
  • Will coordinate further assistance, if needed,   from outside resources at the boat owners agreement and expense.
  • Over 28 years’ experience in Europe helping boat owners.
  • Courteous, helpful, on the spot service until the problem is resolved.
  • Turn the key and go – let Boat Fix handle the stress.
Advisory technician

Boat Fix tracks your boat for security and peace of mind.

Boat Fix will track your boat 24/7 to within a few yards. All tracking is in real time, but is also recorded and stored. It automatically provides and records an exact log of every trip that you can review and play back on your app any time.

Set the Boat Fix geo fence feature on the app and your boat is secure. The moment the boat moves outside of the geo fence radius an alert is sent to the Boat Fix Advisors and is immediately tracked and appropriate responders notified. Unauthorized use of your boat? Theft? Dragging anchor at night? Broken mooring line? No problem. Boat Fix has you covered.

Boat Dock

Boat Anchored

Boat Trailer

Even more security:

  • The Boat Fix geo fence and gps tracking system works equally well onshore for boats kept on a trailer
  • Boat Fix also monitors the unauthorized removal of all outboard engines
  • The stress and responsibility of monitoring and tracking your boat is undertaken by the Boat Fix Advisor – not you.

The Boat Fix app. Choose the level that’s right for you.

Boat Fix not only better manages your boat, it also provides you with more time, greater peace of mind and less stress for you to get more enjoyment from it. 

Free App

Key features:

  • Temperature • Weather with weather radar
  • Tides • Direction
  • Lat / Long position
  • Speed
  • Pre departure safety check list
  • US Coast Guard required safety equipment check list with expiry reminders
  • Marina locations
  • Fuel locations
  • Restaurant locations

Leave the stress at the dock.

Contact us today to find the Boat Fix solution that will help make your boating as enjoyable as you’ve always imagined it.

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