Your boat’s new best friend

Boat Fix

Shouldn’t your boat be as smart as everything else in your life?
Boat Fix will upgrade your boat to make it smarter, safer and more connected.

from only $99 per year

What’s Included

Continual engine monitoring every 10 minutes
GPS tracking
Anti-theft geo fencing
24/7 technical helpline dealing with all alerts
Free towing subscription to BoatUS included
Batteries monitored
Fuel level monitored
Bilge pumps monitored
High water alert
Shore power monitored
All data recorded and stored
Unlimited calls and alert messages

Keep track of your boat

  • Exact location logged every two minutes in real time.
  • Historical GPS tracking information stored with date search facility
  • Lat / long co-ordinates plus Google Earth mapping.
  • Speed and headings recorded.
  • Set Geo Fence perimeter for anti-theft device or anchor watch.
  • All GPS alerts monitored 24/7 by the Boat Fix control center

How does it work?


Install Boat Fix smart Device


Connect with Boat Fix App


Let the Boat Fix Control Center handle the problem

Boat Fix Logo

Control Center

  • The Boat Fix Control Center operates 24/7/365
  • Receives all alerts from your boat in real time.
  • Will contact you by text, email or phone.
  • Service before you even know you need it.
  • Predictive maintenance stops small problems becoming expensive nightmares.
  • Your boat’s problem diagnosed and exact position known from the Guardian Angel.
  • Immediate response by trained technicians to all boating problems.
  • Organizes further assistance from additional resources if necessary.
  • Over 25 years’ experience in the UK helping boat owners.
  • Courteous, helpful, on the spot service until the problem is resolved.
  • Turn the key and go – let Boat Fix handle the stress.


24/7 technical assistance

$99 per year

No equipment required.

Unlimited calls to the Boat Fix Control Center

Immediate help just a phone call away.

No call out charges. No Labor charges.

Any engine, any boat,
any age.


Requires Boat Fix Telematics Device

24/7 remote engine diagnostics and monitoring every 10 minutes
GPS tracking and anti-theft geo fencing [satisfies all insurance requirements]
Batteries, bilges and shore power monitored 24/7
All alerts handles by the Boat Fix Control Center in real time.
24/7/365 remote management of your boat from your phone.