Frequently Asked Questions – Test

What is a Boat Fix Subscription?

Boat Fix is taking care of your boat 24/7 even when you are not aboard. You can be assured

of stress free boating, allowing you to turn the key and go. Subscribers get a virtual mechanic

monitoring their boat around the clock. Assistance is just a phone call away day and night.

How does it work?

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Using sophisticated telematics technology, your boat is fitted with the Boat Fix monitoring device.

Boat Fix will monitor your engine continually every 10 minutes and immediately diagnose any problems.

When you are ashore, Boat Fix will monitor your batteries and bilge pumps. Boat Fix also contains an anti-theft GPS tracking device. Every alert from your Boat Fix is transmitted in real time to the Boat Fix control center that is manned 24/7 by qualified marine technicians and boat management professionals. Night or day, Boat Fix will work with you to resolve the problem as quickly as possible. In many cases the solution can be achieved over the phone, but Boat Fix is there with you all the way helping you fix the problem.

Each subscription comes with a free Boat Fix app that allows you to monitor all the essential functions of your boat on your phone, plus loads of other useful information like weather and tides.

Boat Fix

How good is the service?

Boat Fix: Over 25 Years' Experience

With over 25 years’ experience of looking after boat owners in the UK, we understand how frustrating, time-consuming and expensive things can get when something goes wrong on your boat.

The Boat Fix Control Centre is manned by experienced marine technicians, who understand your boat.

Your call will be answered in seconds and you will be immediately talking with professional Boat Fix staff, who will be there to resolve the problem without delay. With the Boat Fix’ GPS tracking, Boat Fix will know your exact location and through the Guardian Angel’s remote engine monitoring, the chances are that the problem will already have been diagnosed.

Boat Fix will stay with you continually until the problem is resolved. Boat Fix will fix many engines problems on the spot, but in the event of more serious problems we will provide the best solution.

In addition to fixing engine related problems, subscribers can call the 24/7 Boat Fix control center unlimited times for advice on any boating related matter. What type of oil should I use? Where can I find fuel near me after hours?

Whatever your concern – Boat Fix has got you covered.

What does it cost?

A surprisingly low monthly fee, that in many cases equates to less than an hour’s fuel.

With unlimited calls, no call out charges, free technical support and predictive maintenance – Boat Fix will be more than covering your subscription costs.

Add in the free GPS tracking and you not only have an incredible deal, but a reliable anti-theft device.

Subscription includes unlimited free towing through BoatUS

Single engine


per month

Twin engine


per month

3 or 4 engines


per month

Guardian Angel


Why Boat Fix subscription is the best boating decision you will make this year…

Free GPS tracking and anti-theft device
Bilges monitored 24/7
Batteries and shore power monitored 24/7
Immediate service 24/7 – no downtime
Stop small problems from becoming expensive nightmares
No call out or service charges
Real help is always just a call away
No more need to track down help – Boat Fix is always there
Unlimited calls
Free towing if we can’t fix the problem over the phone
24/7 concierge service on all boating matters
Handy Boat Fix app loaded with essential information at your fingertips


First Question

Where does Boat Fix cover?

Everywhere in the US. Lakes, rivers, coastal that receives basic cell reception.

Second Question

Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

Boat Fix subscription is an annual contract payable in 12 monthly installments.

Third Question

Can I transfer my subscription if I sell my boat?


Fourth Question

How long is the warranty on the Guardian Angel?

1 year, although the devices meet all marine industry standards and are virtually indestructible. Updates are free and are carried out remotely.

Fifth Question

Is it the boat or the boat owner that is covered?

The boat, regardless of whether anyone is onboard or not.

Sixth Question

Where is the Boat Fix control center located?

Connecticut, USA.

Seventh Question

What does it cost to install the Boat Fix on my boat?

Most installations can be done in under two hours, but each boat is different.

Eighth Question

What if I take my boat offshore?

Typically, cellular range will cover between 5 miles up to 15 miles offshore. If the Guardian Angel is out of cell range, it will still keep collecting the data every 10 minutes and store up to 20,000 packages of information that will be transmitted when the boat is back in cell range.

Ninth Question

How do I sign up?

Subscribing to Boat Fix could not be easier.

Just register on our website. It only takes a few minutes.

Or call us now on 844-366-3500

Tenth Question

How do I call for help?

Simple. Just one number 844-366-3500.

Manned 24/7/365 by Boat Fix technicians waiting to help you.